CM Punk and respect.

CM Punk, a former WWE Superstar joined the biggest fighting promotion in the world, the Ultimate Fighting Championship in December of 2014. At the time, it was the biggest news in the fighting world considering Punk is a huge mainstream name due to his tenure in WWE. There were supporters but the doubters (including me) out numbered them by a large margin.  Continue reading


No beat necesSary.02


Your youth you were taught to be a player

you’re either a baller or a gang banger

The whole crowd yelled what’s the difference?

the whole room smelled nothing else but ignorance

I must live out the consequence of being a sinner

forget the life I could’ve If I had the obedience of a winner

Powered by the negligence of a cold-blooded killer

pull up with that tool this night is a thriller

Red jackets over everything. Red jackets over

Daily Prompt: Elegant

via Daily Prompt: Elegant

Elegant people. They have the poise, presence and natural charisma oozing out of them. It makes you wonder if elegance is subjective. You may look at a person with shirt and jeans and perceive them as more elegant than the person whose wearing designer threads straight out of a look book they searched online. Elegant people have a presence about them that you can’t put your finger on. Does physical appearance matter? Your place in the social hierarchy? Or is it just the IT factor that some people have?

Why I love black coffee.

Coffee. The favorite drink of the everyday man in the morning. It’s hot, tasty and fills you up just right to conquer the day. Whether you like your coffee bought in Starbucks or made from the comfort of your home, its effect to the daily drinker is significant and unquestioned.

I love coffee. It has been a routine for me to walk 2 km every morning to go to my favorite coffee shop in our neighborhood to get my fix. I don’t drink coffee at home as I tend to finish it quicker and not savor the taste that I crave. For a long time, I ordered a Nescafé 3 in 1 Creamy Latte Instant Coffee. I love the taste of this sacheted gem. It’s sweet, creamy (as the name implies) and generally a good hot beverage in the morning. It was my go to coffee drink everywhere I go. I continued my trend until I read about the added sugar in it and I forced myself to stop. This was the time I started getting conscious of my weight. Continue reading